Why is Germany a great place for digital freelancers?

Surviving & Thriving as a modern freelancer in Germany

Freelancer and distance work is the real mainstream of our time. This employment format has many more advantages than disadvantages. The main thing is the ability to work anywhere in the world, at any time, in any form, and under any conditions. This is why many freelancers go to other cities and countries without stopping to earn money. Here is a breakdown of the best places in the world to work remotely.

Germany – Great Place for Digital Freelancer

The first reason why Germany is an ideal country for digital freelancers is the fact that they have reliable German digital services at their disposal. Which is very important and vitamin for the freelancer profession.

To become a freelancer in Germany and start growing your own small business, you need to go through a simple registration and get more permits. To work as an individual entrepreneur in Germany, you may need a residence permit, register your business with the tax office and a local sales office.

The rules for starting a business in Germany as the sole owner are the same for both German and foreign citizens. The information we provide in general. For each specific case, different requirements may apply, so it is important to consult a German accountant and a financial expert before starting the registration. 

These consulting services are provided by our company. We also accompany from the beginning to the end the registration procedure of a business, both of a private entrepreneur and a German company.

Rules on self-employment in Germany in 2020

To work as a freelancer (Freiberufler) in Germany, you must have more than one client and not be considered integrated into the client’s organization. If you earn more than 83 percent of your income in a year from a single customer, the tax office will consider you as a self-employed or scheinselbst√§ndig. You will have to pay contributions to the state pension system for up to four years.

Permits and licenses for freelancers in Germany in 2020

Before you start your business, you need to know if you need a permit or license to do a certain job or if you need to take a test or a course. Further information in the form of a list of special permits can be found on the official portal of the German government for start-ups.

The capital city may seem a bit original to some, as it is practically on the threshold, but it is undoubtedly a true nomadic digital hotspot and extremely popular among people around the world. Some even spend the winter there voluntarily. Of course, you will definitely meet most of the digital nomads there in the summer and then you will probably have the most fun, but a lot happens in Berlin throughout the year. 

here are several coworking spaces, start-ups, and a huge community of entrepreneurs. Berlin is, without a doubt, a perfect place for all those who are serious in their own business, want to network, and want to start a business. Once you have reaped the fruits of your hard work, you can go out in continue in the wide world. 

For many, this is a sensible strategy, and life in Berlin is also quite cheap compared to other big German cities. The only thing you should not be too distracted with is the interesting nightlife and various cultural offerings.