Cheap home appliances stores in Germany for students

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There are a lot of reviews about new appliances, also commercials, but where to find all this at affordable prices. It is often eager to receive gadgets that have appeared in Europe for a long time. It is best to use the services of a foreign online store.

German online home appliance stores offer their customers a huge selection. The quality of the products is, without a doubt, at the highest level, and the lifespan of many products is practically unlimited. Manufacturers offer warranties for equipment, and sellers, in turn, support them with their promotions and various types of discounts. Household appliances purchased in Germany will last for an indefinite period.

Tech Stores Suitable for Students

Germany is one of the largest markets for electronic products in the world. A significant percentage of total electronic device sales in Europe come from Germany. It is, therefore, no surprise that there are many different supermarket chains and electronics stores in Germany. Here are the largest electronics stores in Germany.


Medimax is a renowned German electronics store chain that hosts a wide range of products. We can find there multimedia devices such as DVRs, recorders, cameras, digital cameras, household items such as microwaves, refrigerators. But that’s not all. The RTV department is also well-stocked with set-top boxes, TVs, speakers, laptops, computer equipment, and more. 

Medimax is known for the discounts posted on the site. Numerous promotional campaigns are launched by the company during the year, thanks to which customers can get significant discounts on their purchases.


Conrad Electronic is one of the largest German online stores with a fixed network. The company was founded in 1923, and since then the reins have been passed down from generation to generation. The company has a huge logistics and transportation center in the Wernberg Klobitz area. Customers can access product ranges through the website, request assistance, and place an order. In addition to its online offering, the company also has 36 retail outlets across the country. Conrad focuses primarily on computer hardware, multimedia, electronic parts, auto parts, batteries, and other related electronic products.

Media Markt

Here is one of the largest electronics store chains in Germany. Media Markt offers not only a wide range of consumer electronics products, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, and other accessories but also movies, games, toys, smartwatches, and other products.

The company’s stores are divided into large departments, each run by a dedicated employee. For example, in the photography department, you will find all digital photography products, including cameras, flashes, tripods, etc. And the staff receives specific training from the department to be able to advise the clients.


Saturn is a large network of German electronics stores that can be found in city centers. Saturn stores are often seen from a distance, as they are usually very well lit with a characteristic orange color and, in addition, very large in terms of building size. 

The company sells many home entertainment products, home appliances such as DVDs, Blu-ray, game consoles, mobile phones, and computers. Saturn also has an exclusive agreement with Apple Inc. As a result, customers can purchase Apple products in dedicated and tailored departments.