Zero Point Energy Home Generator – How To Generate 7-Kilowatts Of Energy For Your Home


What is the zero point energy home generator? Have you ever heard of it before? It is actually a device that utilises the little-known “zero point technology”, part of quantum physics, and so allows you to harness the intrinsic energy that is stored in magnets. It has been talked about for over one hundred years but has only recently come to the homes of ordinary consumers. In this article, I’ll tell you how you can take advantage and quit paying more and more money to the power company.

What Is Zero Point?

So what is zero point for starters?

Zero point is a sub-section of quantum field theory (QFT). Basically, there are untapped energy sources all around us. While we are running around and trying to dig up the last of the oil that our planet has, there is actually an abundant energy source right before our eyes – we just haven’t perfected the energy extraction process yet.

In modern terms, this means that we can extract energy from magnets.

Don’t believe me? Does that sound too simple? Let me convince you.

Proof Of Zero Point Energy

First of all, Nikola Tesla (the man widely regarded as the “grandfather of electricity”) discovered zero point well over one hundred years ago. Without his discoveries, there would be no modern electrical appliances. Life as we know it would be much different. He spent the second half of his life studying this technology and filing a raft of patents to protect his work.

Secondly, governments all over the world are also heavily invested in this technology. The dwindling oil crisis suits them so they choose not to acknowledge the existence of zero point in public. But in private there is a race to harness this technology because it will allow for an unprecedented new level in propulsion technology that will give military superiority to the first nation that perfects it. Respected defence aviation journalists such as Nick Cook have researched and documented this top secret work.

How To Get Your Own Zero Point Energy Home Generator?

This is actually much easier than you think. But first, the bad news. The bad news is that there is no commercial model available on the market yet. It is anticipated that this scenario is roughly 4 to 5 years away.

The good news is that this technology is so simple that you can make your own device at home. Though, rather than spend hundreds of hours tinkering like several pioneers have done over the last few decades, you can instead follow the instructions of someone who has done this all before you.

With the help of such plans, you’ll easily be able to assemble your own generator in around 48 hours or so. It consists of little more than a rotor, some strategically placed magnets and an electrical circuit. All this is enough to provide around 7 kilowatts of power which is more than enough for most homes. Should you need more power, you can always connect another motor in parallel.

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