Java is a modern object oriented programming language

Object oriented programming is a style of design that attempts to model objects in the real world using units of computer code called classes. This programming style has been shown to promote code that is both reliable and flexible. In addition to being object oriented java support other modern programming techniques such as multithreading, error control using exceptions, and generic programming.

Java has a clean and consistent syntax

The Java language was designed from scratch. Its architects didn’t need to worry about compatibility with previous languages and so were able to give Java a clean and consistent syntax. This makes the language comparatively easy to learn and enjoyable to program in. It also helps in writing reliable applications.

Java is widely used

Java is used in business, education, engineering and the sciences, actually its used pretty well everywhere computers are used. If you’re a professional programmer or software engineer, or considering becoming one, then being competent in Java will certainly do your career and bank balance no harm.

Java comes complete

Java comes complete with a large well organised Application Programmers Interface (API). This allows the programmer to concentrate the specifics of a project without having to write more general code or to monkey about with third party libraries.

Java was designed to be portable

Most Java programs will run with little or no modification on many different operating systems and or hardware platforms.

Java is a network-centric language

Java was designed to work well in networked environments, its API and security model make network programming safe and reliable.

Java is secure

Java is secure, it allows code from the net to be run in an isolated environment, protecting the host system from viruses etc. In addition the Java API provides routines for dealing with digital certificates and other cryptographic techniques.

Java is a classic language

Java can reasonably be called a classic language. More recent arrivals, such as C#, owe a lot to Java. This trend will probably continue. This means time spent learning Java will benefit you even after it becomes obsolete since its replacements will likely emulate much of its syntax and programming style.


The bottom line is, if you learn Java you will be happy, rich and famous, small children will want to be you, total strangers will want to have your babies, your many biographies will be best sellers for years, your Nobel prizes will have to make room for your Fields medals on the mantel piece of your stately home and earnest young film makers from the BBC will want to make documentaries about you and your numerous achievements.

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