The Concept of Dynamic and Static Programming


When a code is generated, then the nature of code is a very important factor in itself. A company which gets an application developed has to keep in focus the points relating
to the time span after which the code ha to be updated.

If a code has to be updated after a short time span, then the concept of dynamic programming comes into being. When the code has to be developed after a long time span, then the nature of code is expected to be static.

The concept of static code is difficult to manage as a constant team of developers is constantly required so that piece of code can be re arranged whenever it is required. Hence it may also happen that the code nature is left undecided, while the type is kept such that it can be changed according to requirements. When a code is made, it is made such that there are no compatibility issues relating to the code. When accompany decides to execute the code, then it should not have complications relating to the process of execution. When a process is executed, then it may happen that the process gets stuck in between and the execution cycle gets a halt. This can be very damaging for the code as it cannot be reverted to the requirement analysis phase. Therefore all the requirements have to be kept in mind prior to the final execution of the program including the business logo which is one of the main ingredients of the company reputation structure.

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