The 8 Best Tools to Analyze Social Media Performance

Want to reach out to more people through social media? Analyze your current engagement and plan ahead through robust tools.

Social media analytics is not only for large marketing companies and most popular influencers. If you want to become a social media influencer or currently growing your reach, you should also make the best use of these tools.

The following tools gather performance data of your social media accounts so that you can make a concrete decision about your efforts.

Illustration of social media engagement tracking in Google Analytics

This option might surprise you since Google Analytics is known for monitoring your website traffic. Nevertheless, you can also use this free Google tool to track social media progress and performance.

Google Analytics lets you track data related to social media such as the referral platforms where your visitors are coming to your website from and what content is getting shared on social media using social share buttons.

You can set up Google Analytics reports to monitor your search traffic and measure your social reach. The tool will automatically collect relevant data and track your progress towards reaching your goals.

Download: Google Analytics for Android | iPhone (Free)

Visual of engagement reporting features


For individual social media users, is the perfect option for social media management. Besides content scheduling and publishing, it helps you create a well-researched social media strategy with competitor analysis.

The reporting tool on the app lets you export reports of all accounts instantly in PowerPoint or Excel documents. The report contains a detailed analysis of fans, reach, and engagement so that you can generate a more engaging strategy and improve your performance.

It also allows you to compare the data of unlimited pages of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

It also offers additional features like historical data and tooltips.

Download: for Android | iPhone (Subscription required)

Image showing social media analytics features of Quintly app


If you want to visualize your social media success, Quintly is the right tool. With this simplified analytics and benchmarking tool, you can track and compare your social media channels. Thus, you will know what worked best for you in the past and how you improve in the future.

Apart from social media analytics data, it can deliver custom social media reporting. It also supports the integration of social media data with business intelligence systems Google BigQuery or Tableau.

You can use this app for analyzing your performance on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. It has also launched TikTok analytics for tracking the number of likes and followers.

Image showing social media engagement offerings from Sprout Social app

Sprout Social

Tracking the reach of your social media posts is essential to find out if your social media strategy is working or not. Sprout Social is a popular tool that lets you measure social reach. It offers access to real-time monitoring and analytics across multiple social media channels.

You can use the same tool to monitor your social media engagement, another crucial factor that helps you gain more popularity. It helps you understand the latest trends on social platforms and learn about the industry.

This tool is beneficial for tracking keywords, hashtags, and prominent social influencers on two major platforms: Instagram and Twitter.

Sprout Social also comes with a social listening tool that offers a thorough analysis of related social conversations.

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You can get a better understanding of your social reach by combining hashtags analysis with listening reports. The Smart Inbox feature of this tool brings together all your mentions and messages in one place.

Download: Sprout Social for Android | iPhone (Subscription required)

Image showing influencer impact and ROI feature of Keyhole app


This tool is designed to help you by calculating the impact of social media posts. It comes with an array of valuable features to provide you insights on impressions, geo-location, and the famous influencers of your business.

You can gather impressive analytics data on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

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One vital feature of this tool is the tracking of hashtags, URLs, and keywords. By working on trending hashtags and keywords, you can reach a vast audience through your social media content. It displays real-time updates so that you can make necessary changes.

Download: Keyhole for Android | iPhone (Subscription required)

Socialinsider app's visual showing it's features


As a premium social media analytics tool, Socialinsider provides features like social performance analytics, report, competitor insights, and reports on campaigns on various social media platforms.

If you have multiple accounts on different platforms, use this tool to measure your performance. It also tracks the significant social metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement rate, demographics, growth in follower count, posts evolution, etc.

Socialinsider app gives you extensive insights on any social profile or hashtag. It also offers a feature named performing benchmarks. You can utilize that to analyze your competitors and the top influencers in your industry. Once you discover their content strategy, comparing your strategy and developing a new one would become effortless.

Socialinsider requires a paid subscription.

Visualization of social media engagement tracking feature of Hootsuite


This comprehensive social media analytics tool is useful for every social media user. Besides generating social media analytics data, it lets you calculate your ROI, organize content, and schedule posts.

Hootsuite supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can manage and track the engagement of all these platforms from a single app. Additionally, you can monitor conversations on social media and schedule social media posts across platforms with the tool.

Download: Hootsuite for Android | iPhone (Free, subscription available)

Socialbakers app's influencer engagement offering feature display image


Socialbakers is a platform that offers a range of social analytics tools. Its robust features empower you to perform a complete audit of your social media accounts.

You can track your activity on different sites, check your performance, and benchmark your competition. Moreover, this unified platform uses AI to locate your target audience and discover the content they’ll find interesting.

With its help, you’ll know the best time to post content on each platform and the type of posts that garner the highest engagement. Once you know the preference of your target audience, you can seamlessly automate your social media strategy.

Like many of the other tools in this article, Socialbackers also requires a subscription.

Now you know which tools are here to help you in chalking out a strategy to sustain your social media engagement or increase it. You can give any of the above tools a try.

Opt for free trials or paid subscriptions depending on your needs.

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