Social Media – A Powerful Tool For Recruitment


Social media recruitment is one of the most discussed topics and is proving to be one of the best ways for recruiting top talents for any organization. Making connections comes naturally but now social media is used as a tool for making connections. LinkedIn is becoming a great platform but now entirely on recruitment base with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Social involves influencing tools to recruit talent. Job recruitment is all about networking and with the advent, modern technological networks are injected into tried and true formula. Another benefit is that the ability to create inexpensive advertisements targeting a particular group of people.
These way recruiters are able to find an audience as per their requirements. It not only enables an organization to access a vast pool of potential talent but it also allows the recruiter to get to know about a candidate about his eligibility before sending out an invitation letter. The main benefit of social recruitment is that the hiring representative is able to meet and determine the capacity of an individual and it saves the recruiters from the time-consuming process of reviewing applications. As the world today is becoming more technologically driven, social media recruitment is becoming more and more important as most of the employers now prefer to look at the public profile of the applicants before hiring them to know about their qualities and capacity to do a particular work.

Tips To Hire Through Social Recruitment:

 Share stories and images that show the culture and working environment of the company so that candidates can already know about the environment and the conditions they need to work in. One should be as transparent as possible about the company.
 The employees should share their experience with the company as much as possible on social media. The company can share their content because when people get to learn about other people’s experiences, they are more attracted towards the company.
 Brag about the perks of your company. Bragging is one of the leading ways to attract people on social media. Show off the perks and benefits of the company on social media.
 Post some inspirational and motivating quotes about the company with a job description or job posting. People will feel like it’s a great opportunity for them and hence will be willing to work with the organization.
 Highlighting the charity work of the company is a great deal. It emphasizes a company’s reputation and shows that the company is helping various communities. Some people want to work with the companies who do some charity work or NGO’s.
 Highlight the work-life balance of the company. Some people find it difficult to balance their personal and professional life so they don’t do jobs. Posting about how the employees in your company have a balanced professional and personal life will motivate other people to go to work. Even posting about maintaining this balance, in general, is also very helpful as candidates might have the idea that they can do so in your organization. So it will attract more candidates in your organization.
 Post about job openings on social media websites. Posting about job openings on social media is very important. If the company does not post about job openings on social media, the candidates won’t know about your company or the job openings in your company. Posting about job opening will increase your organization’s reach. The job title should be attractive and the post should be well written. The job post should contain maximum information in minimum words. Always post a picture related to the job openings because the pictures are attractive and a candidate seeking for the job will always be attracted towards the job.

Conclusion: The use of social media by employers for hiring candidates will continue to be the trend, and potential employers so can examining their profiles for objectionable content, these will likely remain edge cases. Most of the employers pursue intelligent policies that provide the relevant information about their candidates through social media, and it also helps them to select the top qualified candidates. Social media indeed is a powerful tool for recruiting.

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