QR Codes And NFT: How Do They Simplify Today’s Digital Asset Selling?

When people talk about the metaverse, the first thing they discuss are the NFTs and how they may the way they view technology for the future. The word NFT has a total monthly search volume of about 3,000 according to Moz. 

With NFTs creating a buzz today, every known companies, and influencers dive in to make their own NFT and alert people that are investing into the technology. 

Twitter for example is one of the companies that launched their first NFT collection that includes the founder’s first tweet as part of the metaverse celebration giveaway. 

In lifestyle and fashion, Vogue Singapore uses NFTs to sell magazines with covers that require a buyer to mint one to complete their magazine reading experience. 

What is an NFT and how does it work?

NFTs are known as Non-Fungible Tokens. Taken from the word, Non-Fungible, NFTs are tokens used to allow a user to take full ownership of a digital asset that comes with it using the Ethereum block chain. 

Having full ownership of the asset associated with an NFT requires an individual to mint or make a coded hash in its system. It requires a crypto currency purchase using a crypto wallet like Binance, for example. 

An NFT can be accessed through an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, and Rarible.  

Why do tech enthusiasts choose to invest in NFTs now?

NFTs are rare collectibles

NFTs are uniquely created and are made scarce by digital artists. Because of the limited number of NFTs they release, the collection they release each time becomes a blockbuster hit for NFT investors. 

Retains the artist’s copyright

With everything being published on the internet today, it is now difficult to trace who first published the digital material and distribute it online. This gives room for digital pirates to steal their art and make it their own.

Because of this, many artists are discouraged to post their work online. But with NFTs, they can retain their full copyrights, something that regular art marketplaces fail to regulate.

It has a decentralized marketplace

Along with other crypto currencies, NFTs are also run by decentralized marketplaces. Meaning there is no middlemen or agents required to make the sale. 

Because of the elimination of agents that find a suitable buyer for an artist’s digital art, investors can assure that the money they use to buy the NFT goes directly to the maker itself. 

Can resell at a higher price

As NFTs are rare collectibles, tech enthusiasts that happen to acquire a very rare one can resell the NFT at a higher price. 

They can mark up the prices up to 1000% from their original pricing depending on the rarity of the item associated with an NFT. 

QR codes as the gateway for viewing NFTs

To make a seamless gateway for users from offline channels to view the NFT, an artist or company can advertise their art using QR codes.

Using a free QR code generator with logo online, users that mint their NFTs can showcase them by storing the link of the token into the code. 

By doing so, digital artists and businesses can securely input useful ways to introduce a new way to securely exchange digital assets and avoid art, and data counterfeiting. 

This may include adding a QR code to company-related NFT items, NFT tickets, augmented reality digital sneaker collection and more. They can do this by using the website QR code solution.

With NFTs as a product of a continuous cryptocurrency exploration, the way digital artists and businesses trade digital assets becomes more seamless and useful. Adding a QR code generator to make an NFT QR code in the picture, selling and showcasing NFTs is now made easier.