My Slow Computer is Driving Me Crazy! Can I Fix My Computer Online?


We have all been there before. You are just sitting there, frustrated beyond belief, wanting to scream “My Slow Computer Is Driving Me Crazy!” If you are wondering “Can I Fix My Computer Online’ then you are in luck. It is possible to fix some problems with you computer and speed up your pc without even leaving the comfort of your own house. There are a few main things that go wrong with computers over time that make them run like slow computers.

Damaged or Missing Registry Files: These are the files that tell everything else with the computer what to do. If they get messed up then it can slow down all the system applications.

Virus or Spyware: These are malicious files or programs that you pick up along the way from downloading different programs and files. A lot of times you don’t even know that they are there.

Fragmented Hard Drive: When every you add and remove programs and files you cause gaps in the way things are stored on the hard drive. These gaps can slow down a computer very much.

There are a few ways to stop the slow computer from driving you crazy. You could take your computer to a repair center. Most of these repair centers charge almost one hundred dollars just to tell you what is wrong with the computer. Then they are going to charge even more to actually fix it. You will also be inconvenienced with having to drop off and pick up your computer.

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