LOLIWARE Introduces First-Of-Its-Kind Seaweed Pellet Technology to Replace Plastics


Sinclair and Rush to mass-produce seaweed straw with a new Sea-Tech pellet as the foremost American Producer to outsource plastic-cost-free solutions

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LOLIWARE, the SEA Technology™ creator, introduced now that they have designed the very first seaweed pellet designed from all-natural biomaterials to substitute plastic at scale. The company has partnered with American company Sinclair and Hurry to scale generation with a primary plastic-free of charge, superior-accomplishing seaweed straw for enterprises of all sizes. This announcement is important simply because it is the initial U.S. output of onshore, seaweed-centered products replacements and is an alternative to outsourcing plastics from China—a desired phase toward lessening plastic in landfills and oceans.

LOLIWARE®’s SEA Technology™ pellets (left) and LOLIWARE®'s Blue Carbon Straws (right).

LOLIWARE®’s SEA Technology™ pellets (still left) and LOLIWARE®’s Blue Carbon Straws (appropriate).

Seaweed captures 5 to 20 occasions much more carbon than land-centered forests for every device space, such as completely storing some of it at depth/the seafloor. It avoids the damaging effects of frequent land-based components like paper, corn, canola, and rice. LOLIWARE’s visionary SEA Technology™ brings together a proprietary blend of seaweeds, minerals, and organic colors. The engineering is created making use of ocean-farmed seaweed that is grown with no the use of fertilizers, freshwater or massive swaths of land. Whilst SEA Technology™ product can be molded to look and come to feel like plastic, it is made from 100% bio-primarily based Fda-authorized elements and is made to vanish either by means of composting or organic procedures.

“LOLIWARE’s SEA Technology™ is the 1st seaweed-derived material to be produced applying solely natural, ocean-helpful ingredients that is also suited for big-scale output,” states Dr. Carlos M. Duarte, a entire world-renowned marine scientist, Main Scientific Officer of Oceans 2050, and Distinguished Professor of Maritime Science, Tarek Ahmed Juffali Investigate Chair in Pink Sea Ecology. “I am excited to suggest LOLIWARE as they broaden into even further purposes of seaweed resources science.”

SEA Technology™ can be formed into a pellet like these historically used to develop a huge wide variety of one-use plastics. What is innovative is that LOLIWARE’s SEA Technology™ is universally appropriate with current plastic-manufacturing equipment and facilities around the world. Mainly because of this adaptability, LOLIWARE is partnering straight with industry leaders to make at scale its house compostable, ocean-safe solutions at an very affordable and competitive price.

U.S. producer Sinclair & Hurry will produce LOLIWARE’s Blue Carbon Straw, the 1st seaweed-derived compostable ingesting straw developed at a competitive scale in their St. Louis manufacturing facility.

“We have been approached by dozens of providers who claimed that they had formulated a really compostable, non-plastic materials that could be processed on our existing manufacturing machines — LOLIWARE® was the initially company that had a substance and a enterprise design that definitely appeared practical,” states Brad Philip, President and CEO of Sinclair & Rush. “Making use of our decades of practical experience in processing a vast wide range of thermoplastic materials, we are now using LOLIWARE’s seaweed-derived pellets to generate higher-high-quality, plastic-free of charge straws, and we’re excited to lover with LOLIWARE to make at scale utilizing our current equipment.”

LOLIWARE’s chopping-edge technological innovation evokes optimism for a net-zero emissions upcoming in a earth wherever plastic is at this time staying changed with superior carbon footprint options like paper and bio-primarily based plastics. The Blue Carbon Straw is confirmed plastic-no cost by Oceanic Global’s Blue Common. It enables a regenerative provide chain although increasing world-wide seaweed farming which will final result in greater carbon dioxide removal costs than bioplastics. The Blue Carbon Straw is now offered to get and ship in substantial volumes.

“Our firm is devoted to firms at the nexus of progress, impact, and variety, and LOLIWARE is all of the previously mentioned,” says Oliver Libby, running associate at H/L Ventures, LOLIWARE’s guide enterprise money trader. “LOLIWARE’s plastic-free substance can develop products that people love, although also combatting carbon emissions and ocean air pollution: a successful blend that we are honored to support.”

“In a world regularly bombarded with negative news, we hope the SEA Technology™ and its use in our straws demonstrates that a plastic-free long run is inside of attain,” states LOLIWARE Founder and CEO Sea Briganti. “We invite you to sign up for us on this journey.”

There are lots of more apps of the SEA Technology™ in the will work with the overarching mission to disrupt single-use supplies. Remember to pay a visit to to discover more, husband or wife, and perform collectively to remedy this monumental obstacle.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley and NYC, LOLIWARE Inc. is an award-profitable elements tech business on a mission to change single-use plastics with seaweed-derived items that are Built to Disappear™. By utilizing ocean-farmed seaweed to change plastic at scale, LOLIWARE is harnessing its opportunity to regenerate our ocean and add to the decarbonization of our planet.

To master additional about LOLIWARE’s SEA Technology™, the Blue Carbon Straw, or its most recent merchandise, be sure to pay a visit to and sign up for LOLIWARE’s e-newsletter. Please find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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