Do you find your computer running too slow, when it was never like this since you bought your PC? Most users experience PC problems after a period of use with their computers, including slow processing speed, inability to shut down, crashing and freezing, inability to access the registry keys etc. It is important to maintain your PC regularly to ensure its optimal performance level.

1. My Own Experience

I personally experienced my own computer start to slow down a few months ago too, even though I had tried many spyware and antivirus software. Finally, I discovered the real cause for my slow computer, and this is something that many computer users do not know of. So what are they?

2. Registry Errors

Many people think that anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are all the software they need to keep their computer running optimally. This is not so, since my PC started to slow down even though I had those programs.

3. Why Repair The Registry?

Cleaning out the registry will free up the resources that are necessary to keep the computer running smoothly. If you have never done any registry maintenance before, there are probably many corrupted and bad links in the area, plus several DLL file errors. I knew I had them when I ran the registry scan.

Cleaning the registry is very necessary to keep the computer running at its best performance. There is certainly no need to replace the computer when it slows down.

4. How To Fix It?

When it comes to fixing the registry, you should not attempt to do it yourself unless you have the necessary technical skills. There have been cases of people attempting to fix their system on their own only to end up messing up the entries, causing the computer to become unable to boot.

The right way to fix it would be to download registry cleaner software to do the job. A good software should be able to detect all the errors, and report to you the amount of them and their types. It should also be able to create a backup of your registry before doing the repair. This ensures that you are able to get your original settings back in case there are any changed settings that you do not want.

5. Conclusion

Having cleaner software is important to maintaining a well optimized computer, and preventing data loss. To download the top rated software that I used to restore my computer speed, visit my website link at the end of this article to find out more.

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