How to Make a Mark on Social Media Minus the Big Budget


Everybody wants to be the biggest thing is social media these days. Companies spend considerable time, money and manpower on making sure that they are on top of the “current trends” in the social sphere. Twitter marketing or Facebook marketing are just two of the most popular social networking sites you can use to fortify your brand on the Internet.

Question is, do you really have to spend so much money to create a mark?

Social media is a “free” platform. I said “free” because you can opt not to spend anything on it to start your marketing campaign. There are a couple of times when you might want or have to spend money to hasten the campaign but it is all up to you. You can create a social media campaign with little to no budget but still be able to make a mark. Here is how you do it.

#1 Do something very memorable

This is very easy to understand. In order to make a name for your brand on social media, you have to be memorable to your subscribers or fans. You can do this in different ways.

a. Adopt a Persona – Put some satire or comedy in your posts or tweets. Adopt a personality and stick with it. Your brand can be an uptight, no-nonsense character on social media and you will gain the favor of people who are a bit serious. Just make sure you judge your fans or subscribers first.

b. Create a big fuss – It can be anything from an event, a trend, a call to action or even a simple act. Do something that will create a wave among your fans and subscribers. It should be something so interesting that they will share it with their friends.

#2 Engage with your followers/fans

Social media no longer “exists” on the virtual world in a sense that social media marketers like to play around the intersection between the physical world and social media. Some companies give away free stuff on their Facebook pages while other companies use their Twitter accounts to “talk” to their customers. You should also find a way for you to be more engaged with your customers. Make them feel like they are not talking to a robot but instead a real human being.

#3 Join the cultural wave

Be in the “know”. Make sure you know what currently the popular things are running around the social media world. When the “Nyan Cat” was still rising in popularity, a good number of companies joined in on the craze and created products patterned over it. There were food, toys and even marketing videos created around the craze. Don’t be afraid to take your share out of this cultural craze. Be sure to make it as “resounding” as possible so people will not forget it.

#4 Be honest

This is a tried and tested method in both offline and online marketing. Be honest whenever you are dealing with your customers. A little honesty will really go a long way especially in social media where information can easily be transferred from one person to another with a single click.

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