Core Traits For Competitive Social Media Marketing Companies


The internet has seen a great deal of evolution from when it first started. From being a mere avenue for data processing and connectivity, it has quickly gained a knack for being socially oriented, creating a multi community rather than just simply being a data transfer protocol. Businesses have emerged within the virtual universe as social media marketing companies.

Just like any business, aspiring social media marketing companies should be highly tenacious and competitive to stay afloat among others in its area. To be quite stable in establishing an identity in the business world, as well as good standing with investments and sales, here are some core competencies needed:

Main Promotion

Promotions and advertising go hand in hand by having the ammunition to be put inside a gun and fired, pointed at the right target. Without a target, there is no hit. Without ammunition, no spark and shot is created. Without the gun, the content is primarily useless and pointless.

Effective Blogging

Blogging and blogsites may already be considered as a part of social media network and activities, but they these two terms deserve their own subcategory. Remember the days when social media networking started as BB sites and were filled with posts? That was the precursor of blogging, wherein thoughts and anything under the sun was posted, published, and then opened to the public for criticism and opinions.

Blogging revolutionized the way people interacted with each other, hence paving the way to the complex form of social networking which social media marketing companies should be taking advantage of.

Go for the Press

Press releases are an essential way to call the attention of the more straightforward and factual viewers in the virtual world. With publishing backed up by large corporate networks, the buzz and hype on your new promotion is expected to be more concrete, without the thrills and frills. This is good for those who want direct news and appreciation.


With the huge market share for other forms of multimedia, social media marketing companies tap into this area to incorporate their promotions and allow it to spread into the networks. What makes videos and music great is that it is more creative, making them a highly potential method of spreading your advertising content.

There may be other core competencies which social media marketing companies could delve into, but having these in the bag secures your future as a marketer quite well.

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