Computer forensics is becoming a popular profession among law enforcement, government intelligence and corporate security professionals. As the profession demands extraordinary skills and an investigative instinct, basic training is necessary.

This high quality computer forensic training is available through renowned universities and colleges for which conditions apply with regard to personal history and citizenship.

The universities provide customized training designed to meet the specific needs of a law enforcement or intelligence agency. Expert faculty, who are retired personnel from major federal law enforcement agencies, trains professionals. They are internationally recognized for demonstrated expertise in the field.

An intensive 45 hours laboratory course is designed to equip government and corporate investigators with skills needed to safely locate and secure the computer evidence at search sites, as well as off-site analysis.

With the help of challenging group exercises and written examinations, forensic concepts and procedural skills are reinforced. An optional, online, 9-hour seminar is also available, primarily on hacker and child pornography.

Forensic examiners are provided with an essential understanding of federal and state computer laws by the newly introduced 5-day Computer Forensics Legal Issues course.

A special one-day non-examiner laboratory first responder course has been designed to introduce the examiner assistants to concepts and skills needed at the computer search. An 8-hour non-laboratory seminar, called Computer Forensics Program Manager is available for individual, responsible for supervising computer forensics operations. The course also provides an overview of essential computer forensics concepts and procedures, personnel staffing and equipment alternatives. The Program Manager seminar is inclusive of a 4-hour terrorist threat multimedia briefing.

A 6-day Computer Forensics Advanced course is designed using Linux to safely and effectively analyze Windows systems, including Windows 9.x. ME, XP and 2000 Professional. The program also includes a computer forensics technical report-writing laboratory. As the courses are no more restricted to fulltime government employees or a selected group of corporate security investigators, they are becoming popular among law enforcement, government intelligence, and corporate security professionals.

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