Biosphere Technology: An Alternative to Coal Burning


Biosphere technology is a waste to energy system which efficiently and environmentally destroys and converts waste materials into green energy. This technology is so far the best alternative to coal-fired power plants. It is a gasification process that converts waste materials using thermal decomposition at elevated temperature and oxygen starved environment. Unlike coal burning, it does not harm our environment and significantly contributes to environmental protection.

Why we should end coal burning?

Burning of coal contributes to global warming. It emits high amount of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that retains the infrared radiations returning from earth to sun thereby warming the earth’s air surface and oceans. Global warming is also associated to climate change and extinction of many wildlife species. It also cause acid rains. The coal that is usually used in many coal-fired power plants contains small amounts of sulfur and nitrogen. The combustion of coal converts these elements into sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which when combined with water can result to precipitation of acid, called acid rain.

Coal burning can form smog (combination of fog and smoke). The suspended particulates in the air coming from coal burning are known to be health hazards. These particulates may cause respiratory illnesses to anyone inhales the fumes.

These are only some of the reasons why coal should be replaced with ecological alternatives like Biosphere Technology. The entire process of biosphere technology offers a better and more efficient way of energy production than with coal burning. Its process follows zero waste philosophy wherein it recycles and converts waste materials into marketable end products without harming human health and the environment.

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