The Internet has been here for quite a while, but not many seniors have access to it for one reason or another. The fact is, most of them are not quite computer-literate, and some are hesitant to operate the PC out of sheer naivety. Anyway, we really need to encourage our elders to take advantage of the broadband. It can offer many things that are beneficial to the aged in a lot of ways.

Here are some senior websites could be of great help to our elderly brothers:

1. General Information

There is a wonderful site run by the American Association of Retired Persons. It provides aged individuals with topics regarding health, finances, family, leisure, food, politics, and even games. The site also offers information about discounts provided to seniors by travel, insurance or services companies. Aside from those, the site is also a virtual community where seniors can interact with one another. As a senior citizen, you just need to create your own profile and sign up with the site in order to be given access to the site’s services. Use the association’s acronym ( to access the site.

2. Administration of Aging is an American government website you can run to for information on administration on aging. It caters to the elderly for information about their health and human services needs, healthcare rights and elderly activities.

3. Health, Relationships & Spirituality

The website where you can find hundreds of inspiring articles about living life in retirement is called

4. Beauty, Fashion, Style, Entertainment and Technology

Who said senior citizens are no longer interested in beauty, fashion, and technology? is an existing proof that the elderly are still very much in when it comes to beauty and technology topics. It also showcases interviews with experts regarding specific subjects.

5. Educational Travel – this site is created to help make an elderly person’s dream to visit wonderful places become a reality.

6. Technology – this website proves that it’s not too late for seniors to learn about computers and the Internet. It provides step-by-step instructions and detailed information about computer and information technology. If you are not computer literate and you want to gain basic computer knowledge and skills, this site can always help you.

7. Health – this website specializes on health topics and it is not created solely for seniors. But it has hundreds of health articles that are beneficial to the elderly. The articles published here are written by medical specialists who have authority on the topic they are writing about.

8. Jobs/Business – if you want to get busy again after retirement, you can find this website very useful. Here, you can find job postings, articles on small business operation techniques, work-from-home jobs and many more.

These are some of the useful sites you can go to as a senior citizen. Remember, the Internet is for everyone. You deserve to enjoy it while you still can.

Note: The sites are given only for information purposes. The author doesn’t derive income from them in whatever way.

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