A Crazy Death Match Between Asp.Net And Ruby On Rails!


Individuals are finding out new and improved ways to do programming online. As of now there are about 2500 different kinds of computer programming languages. Some of these are more archaic than others and some are more popular than others. Today we’ll be talking about the differences and the advantages of both ASP.net and Ruby On Rails.

First off, Ruby On Rails provide a link-to-remote option. In a lot of cases people do consider Ruby On Rails the better programming language to go with. Its fun, it’s fairly easy to work out the configurations if you know what you are doing (which could take some practice) and it’s certainly one of the languages where everything just seems to fit together rather nicely.

The problem is that Ruby On Rails does not work well with Windows though they have a really nice framework option. It works much better on Linux, but this is a problem in itself since many individuals would rather it have the option for both or for Windows alone. As far as ASP.NET goes – many individuals really enjoy the Visual Studio benefit.

Visual studio is a technological experience by itself. It is a very mature environment and has a really superb debugger program. Visual Studio has been out for quite a whole, bit ASP.NET has a really poor documentation as far as MSDN goes. Also, if you’re seeking a steady job in the design or programming industry, you’re going to find that more jobs are provided in ASP as compared with Ruby On Rails.

On the other hand, ASP has a high cost on ownership. There are many jobs available, but it seems as if the economy does not run well with ASP since it’s also a lot more expensive hire individuals to do a programming language like this. Also, ASP.NET has a model view controller that has been noted as being “less than stellar”.

Rails pressures MVC on you, but it actually works just fine. MVC is an optional nightmare in ASP.NET, unless your manager is of that all too frequent variety that prefers buzzwords over common sense in which it becomes a postulated nightmare! All in all, the language you pick is really going to depend on you, as well as the programmer you use to build your web-site, platform or application data.

If worse comes to worst you can always save yourself a ton of cash and teach yourself how to code these languages on your own. In this case, you will without a doubt need some documentation to aid clear things up for you. Its easier said than done when it comes to building some, even something so simple as a minimalistic site.

Thankfully for us, help is on the way in terms of tutorials and videos to assist you get started. In fact, there are a lot of websites online which provide FREE “how to’s” like, jQuery Tutorial, ASP Tutorial, ASP. NET tutorial or CSS. As mentioned above, these are either going to be wordy documents with samples or they could be videos which show you exactly how to program into these languages as well as popular terms you need to know!

Programming is not the easiest activity in the world, but like most anything else, if you stay tolerant, read all you can, and put your work into action, you would be able to wind up learning a lot of things about computer programming languages which can lead to all sorts of things.

More importantly, it’ll make you the master of your own domain and allow you to design and program your own applications and sites so that you would not need to depend on anyone else and you can end up saving a buck or two which is always a good thing.

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