4 Top Methods of Receiving the Latest News on the iPhone


With its WiFi & 3G Web connection, the iPhone is a impressive gadget for keeping up to date with all the latest news and current affairs, and here are 4 topmost ways of receiving the newest information.

1) Sky News App

The Sky News App presents upto date news to your iPhone, using a streamline and attractive Interface. Categories run along the top of the interface and are changed between with a touch, and the news articles in each category appear with a thumbnail picture down the interface, it’s an Interface which works great.

Sky do video presentation very well and for a lot of the storiesthere is an accompanying video news report from the Sky News Room. There is also a real time feed of the Sky News Channel available by selecting the Live TV icon at the bottom of the interface.

Chat Forums and Social Media Tools are also provided for sharing your option on articles. With Sky you know what you are getting, the latest well presented news, brilliant video, and streaming access to a live TV News station

2) BBC News App

The BBC is one of the longest established news providers and are well known and counted on for providing the latest headlines from around the world thanks to their army of reporters around the world. They also have an agenda for developing technology and using it very well (e.g. their great iPlayer service), so it’s not a surprise to see that they have their own iPhone application. The BBC News app presents the news in more of a Magazine formatted interface then that of the Sky News App, with the topics presented vertically down the screen with the articles in each topic running horizontally on a scrolling time line.The interface tends to be a little more fiddly and clunky to use then the Sky Interface but the detail in the articles is equal with Sky, and occasionally offer different slants or prominence on news story’s. Multimedia is used well with Video reports being used were appropriate and a live feed is supplied to the BBC news Channel.

Although the BBC news App may lack a bit of the display gloss of the Sky News App, it’s a significant source of news, and compliments the Sky App wonderfully.

3) The Telegraph Mobile App

The Telegraph is a famous News Paper in England, and they were one of the first British News Papers to make available an electronic service to mobile phone readers.

Offering highly in depth articles (like the style you would read in a written news paper) the Telegraph App provides a good read for those times when you have a little more time to absorb the news.

The App Interface is minimal with the topics and the top few articles in each Category running from top and bottom on screen, and you can see more stories in each category by selecting the category name. The telegraph doesn’t match the BBC or Sky Apps for visual design although it does provide a nice photo roll function where you can see collections of brilliant photographs from the telegraphs archive, useful facilities to share articles using Social media are also provided.

The Telegraph App provides a good option for those wanting to read about the news, and an updated version of the App is due shortly.

4) TV Catchup Website

The TV Catchup Website lets you watch live TV on your iPhone, and it provides a great alternative for those wanting to watch rather the read about the news or for those not wishing to install an app on their handset.

By registering with the TV Catchup Website you get free access to a number of live TV channels including BBC News, Sky News & BBC Parliament, providing the perfect way of viewing upto date news as it happens. The video quality tends to be a little lower then the dedicated apps, but may require a reduced amount of bandwidth as it works well over 3G networks.

In conclusion by using any or all of the the above facilities will provide you with the latest upto date news and opinion straight to your mobile phone

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